urban bonfire's classics collection in backyard of home in city with grill and cabinets

Integrating Urban Bonfire’s Classics Collection into your outdoor kitchen not only adds ambiance but also functionality to your city living space. This guide on outdoor kitchen ideas serves up practical designs and the sought-after Urban Bonfire Classics Collection. Get ready to ignite your backyard entertaining with style and substance.

Key Takeaways

Discover Urban Bonfire Classics

Envision a classic outdoor living space that is not only breathtaking but also built to last. The Urban Bonfire Classics Collection represents the pinnacle of outdoor kitchen design, merging timeless appeal with the sturdiness required for enduring the elements. Each Urban Bonfire kitchen is a testament to quality, designed to cater to the discerning homeowner who seeks the perfect blend of aesthetics and resilience.

The robust Urban Bonfire cabinets contribute to an outdoor kitchen experience designed by the Urban Bonfire’s Classics Program, which withstands the test of time and taste.

Timeless Design

Urban Bonfire kitchens, crafted by an in-house design team, are built to withstand the seasons, owing to the robustness of materials such as marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The design team’s attention to detail ensures that the Classics layout includes a ‘Super Durable’ powder coating finish, adhering to the highest performance standards for outdoor living.

This versatile, rich beige finish, among other curated options, not only adds an aesthetic charm but also offers the resilience needed to maintain a pristine appearance year-round.

Exceptional Quality

Urban Bonfire kitchens, along with their striking appearance, are synonymous with exceptional quality. Custom-manufactured cabinets ensure seamless integration with major brands, accommodating a variety of grill sizes and accessories.

The inclusion of high-end Dekton® countertops and modular accessories underscores Urban Bonfire’s commitment to quality, culminating in outdoor kitchens that blend beauty and functionality in equal measure.

Versatile Configuration

The Urban Bonfire Classics Collection prioritizes flexibility, with over fifty configurations designed to accommodate diverse outdoor spaces and entertainment needs. Some of the features and options available include:

These configurations ensure that your outdoor kitchen is as unique as your lifestyle.

Popular Outdoor Kitchen Configurations

The Urban Bonfire Classics Collection includes a variety of outdoor kitchen configurations, each tailored to cater to the unique needs of almost every outdoor setting. The collection includes:

Each configuration is designed with the outdoors in mind, providing a seamless transition from the comfort of the indoor kitchen to the refreshing ambiance of almost any outdoor setting, effortlessly enhancing your outdoor space.

More Than Fifty Configurations

Urban Bonfire provides an abundant range of more than fifty outdoor kitchen ideas, catering to diverse needs and specific spatial considerations. These configurations extend beyond the base models, offering design customizations through collections like MIRAMAR, MESA, and MARBELLA, representing a comprehensive scope of aesthetically pleasing and functional choices for a truly personalized outdoor kitchen experience.

Major Brands Compatibility

Compatibility with major outdoor appliance brands is a hallmark of Urban Bonfire, enabling homeowners to incorporate their favorite high-quality grills and accessories into their outdoor kitchen. The ability to include culinary innovations like kamado smokers, outdoor pizza ovens, and cocktail stations further elevates the outdoor cooking and entertainment experience, making Urban Bonfire the choice for those who demand the best in quality and functionality.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

The Urban Bonfire Classics Collection is designed to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and practicality, thereby complementing and enhancing outdoor living spaces. Homeowners are empowered to personalize their outdoor kitchen area with a selection of custom color options for cabinets and finishes, ensuring that their space is as visually captivating as it is functional.

Curated Finishes

A selection of curated designer-inspired colors for outdoor kitchen cabinets is available from Urban Bonfire, facilitating homeowners in expressing their personal style and ensuring harmony with the outdoor environment. With options like ‘Anthracite’ for a contemporary urban feel, or ‘Chantilly’ for a bright, clean aesthetic, these finishes not only enhance the beauty of the outdoor kitchen but also reflect the homeowner’s unique taste.

Aesthetic Back Panels

The Urban Bonfire Classics Collection offers the following features:

These features offer both functionality and beauty for your kitchen.

Environmentally Sustainable Material

Urban Bonfire’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of premium 2-cm Dekton for countertops, providing both durability and environmentally sustainable benefits. By incorporating eco-friendly materials, Urban Bonfire contributes to creating sustainable contemporary urban environments that homeowners can take pride in.

Maximizing Functionality and Safety

The design of Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchen cabinets offers the following features:

These features create a safe and clean environment that is ideal for food preparation.

Adaptable Storage System

The Urban Bonfire Classics Collection enhances the functionality of outdoor kitchens with its adaptable storage system and functional accessories like the Refuse & Recycling Module and Full Depth Shelf, ensuring all necessities are organized and easily accessible.

The strategic sink placement and convenience features like outdoor refrigerators and cutting boards further optimize the cooking experience, making outdoor gatherings both enjoyable and effortless.

Anti-Microbial Protection

Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchens offer the following features:

Maximum Safety

Urban Bonfire kitchens prioritize safety in their design, incorporating features such as fully enclosed cabinets to protect against the elements and prevent accidents. The combination of weather-tight construction and maximum safety considerations ensures that every Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchen is a sanctuary of both style and security.

Creating the Perfect Entertainment Space

Urban Bonfire Classics aim to create the perfect entertainment space, a place where style, comfort, and functionality converge. By blending personal style preferences with the functional demands of outdoor entertaining, homeowners can create an aesthetically pleasing and highly usable outdoor kitchen space that becomes the heart of every gathering.


Style is inherent in every aspect of Urban Bonfire’s outdoor kitchens, from the customizable powder coat finishes and door styles to the lighting options that set the mood for evening entertainment. These customizable elements ensure that each outdoor kitchen reflects the homeowner’s personal aesthetic and complements the style of their home and outdoor setting.


Comfort in an outdoor kitchen, as conceptualized by Urban Bonfire, goes beyond the cooking area to incorporate weather-resistant seating, heating options for cooler evenings, and entertainment systems that foster relaxation and social engagement. With thoughtful amenities like outdoor TVs and stereo systems, the Urban Bonfire kitchen becomes a destination for comfort and enjoyment, inviting guests to linger and create memories that last.


The functionality of an Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchen is characterized by built-in appliances, cocktail stations, and hosting accessories that accommodate any type of gathering. Whether it’s a family barbecue or an elegant outdoor dinner, the Classics Collection ensures that every element, from the rotisserie to the ice maker, contributes to an enjoyable and seamless outdoor dining experience.


In conclusion, the Urban Bonfire Classics Collection offers an array of features that cater to those who aspire to create a classic outdoor living space that is as functional as it is beautiful. From timeless design to customizable configurations and safety features, each element has been crafted to enhance your outdoor living experience. Imagine the gatherings you’ll host, the meals you’ll prepare, and the tranquil moments you’ll enjoy in your stylish backyard retreat. Let the Urban Bonfire Classics Collection inspire you to turn your dream outdoor kitchen into a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of configurations does the Urban Bonfire Classics Collection offer?

The Urban Bonfire Classics cCllection offers more than fifty configurations, suitable for various outdoor spaces and entertainment needs, including compact grill setups and expansive kitchens with integrated appliances and custom accessories.

Can I match the Urban Bonfire kitchen to my outdoor decor?

Yes, you can match the Urban Bonfire kitchen to your outdoor decor by choosing from a selection of finishes and designer-inspired colors for cabinets, along with aesthetic back panels. This allows you to personalize your outdoor kitchen according to your style preferences.

Are Urban Bonfire kitchens durable and suitable for all seasons?

Yes, Urban Bonfire kitchens are durable and suitable for all seasons, thanks to their high-quality materials like non-combustible, marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel.

How does Urban Bonfire ensure safety and cleanliness in their outdoor kitchens?

Urban Bonfire ensures safety and cleanliness in their outdoor kitchens by utilizing weather-tight cabinets and a proprietary NACRAĒ powder coat finish with antimicrobial properties, creating a secure and hygienic space for food preparation.

Can Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchens accommodate my existing appliances?

Yes, the Urban Bonfire’s Classics Collection is designed to accommodate a wide range of popular outdoor appliance brands, making it easy to integrate your existing grills and accessories seamlessly.