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What To Know About Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Sub-Zero refrigerators are manufactured by a Wisconsin company that originally started in 1945 with the introduction of the first system for preserving food at ultra-low temperatures — hence the company name of Sub-Zero. 

Is a Sub-Zero refrigerator a good choice to keep food fresh? There are many differences between a Sub-Zero refrigerator and standard, “regular” refrigerators from other manufacturers. Sub-Zero refrigerators are available in various widths, innovative configurations, and near-limitless custom exteriors. Stainless steel and panel-ready models give you the freedom to customize your refrigeration to complement your kitchen and home design.

Let’s open up the doors and take a look at:

Top Sub-Zero Refrigerator Features

Any old refrigerator circulates cold air to store perishable food. What makes a Sub-Zero refrigerator stand out?

Superior Refrigeration Technology

Sub-Zero refrigerators employ a computer-driven air purification system that more effectively circulates fresh, moist air at the right temperature. Sub-Zero refrigerators maintain the set temperature within one degree at all times during normal use. Compare that to other refrigerators where temperature swings of up to 14 degrees are common. Why is a consistent temperature important? Food stays fresh far longer if it is maintained without wild swings in temperature.

In addition, two separate patented vacuum-sealed refrigeration systems control the temperature and humidity in the refrigerator and freezer. This ensures the separate compartments stay at optimal humidity levels and prevents flavor transfer between them.

Last but not least, a Sub-Zero refrigerator’s antimicrobial air purification system automatically scrubs the air every 20 minutes. Many fresh foods, such as apples, emit ethylene gas, which causes other foods to spoil much faster. By filtering out this gas, as well as bacteria and mold spores found on some fresh produce, groceries last longer.

Warrantied Quality and Longevity

Sub-Zero refrigerators offer one of the highest levels of service and customer support in the industry, with one of the best factory warranties out there, covering an all-inclusive two years.

The patented sealed system — which includes the compressors, condensers, evaporators, dryers, and tubing — is warrantied for a full five years. After five years, the sealed system is covered by a limited 12-year warranty.

Design and Configuration Options

Sub-Zero refrigerators are available in a wide range of models and sizes. Standard-size single-piece units are available from 30 inches to 48 inches, with fully flush installation options. You can also custom design refrigerator and freezer units using factory-made trim kits and panels.

Doors are available in both stainless steel and matching cabinet finishes, as well as glass. There are different handle options and door configurations, including French door, side-by-side, and columns (single door full refrigerator or single door full freezer).

Home Resale Value

A modern, functional kitchen increases the resale value of your home. This is especially true of a kitchen with a Sub-Zero refrigerator. 

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Styles

There are four types of Sub-Zero refrigerators:

In addition, Sub-Zero makes a number of wine storage coolers.

Features You Don’t Find in a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

There are some features currently not available in a Sub-Zero refrigerator that are offered by other manufacturers. These include:

If you don’t need a refrigerator to act like your phone or computer, lack of Wi-Fi isn’t a deal breaker. Stainless interiors are more hygienic and keep things colder, but Sub-Zero microprocessors also do a superior job of maintaining proper and constant temperature. Motorized shelving is convenient and handy, but currently is only available in Gaggenau refrigerators.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Pricing

As you might expect from a product with so many features and innovations, Sub-Zero refrigerators are priced at a premium. You can expect to pay anywhere from around $5,500 for an under-counter refrigerator to more than $12,000 for a top-of-the-line model. (Manufacturer prices are always subject to change.)

Is a Sub-Zero refrigerator worth this kind of money? It is if you have the budget and want to take advantage of the ability to customize it to fit just about any need and any kitchen design, and if you appreciate its superior cooling technology, manufacturer reputation, and potential to add to your home’s resale value. 

If you are building your dream kitchen, if you have a large family, or if your kitchen is as much a living space as a food preparation area, a Sub-Zero refrigerator is definitely worth your consideration. 

Note also that if you opt to buy a qualifying Sub-Zero refrigerator with an oven and dishwasher from sister companies Wolf and Cove, you can qualify for certain discounts.

Consult the Sub-Zero Refrigerator Experts

We at BSC Culinary want to help you select the Sub-Zero refrigerator that is perfect for you and your family. We offer free consultations to get the design process started, and our talented team ensures that the Sub-Zero refrigerator of your choice fits perfectly into your kitchen. 

A dedicated Enjoy Life Counselor ensures error-free delivery and installation. BSC technicians are qualified and insured. We install your appliance according to all local codes and regulations, and we take the time to ensure your new high-end Sub-Zero refrigerator provides premium performance to your complete satisfaction. You can even track delivery on the day of the appointment. If you prefer, BSC can provide contactless delivery

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