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Cooking Outdoors California-Style: The Allure of Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

You’ll be singing “California, Here I Come” as a way to extend your culinary experience beyond the confines of the traditional indoor kitchen with a stylish and functional Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchen. Fun fact: Despite several attempts to make the Al Jolson tune dating back to the 1920s the state song, “California, Here I Come” lost out to “California, I Love You.” We’re pretty sure you’ll soon be singing, “California-Style Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, I Love You” after reading about their seamless fusion of style, nature, and gastronomy. 

California living is synonymous with outdoor living, and what better way to embrace the great outdoors lifestyle than with the creation of a stunning outdoor kitchen? Let’s take a look at why and how you can do that:

The Benefits of California-Style Outdoor Kitchens

California-style outdoor kitchens are part of a popular trend to redefine the culinary experience beyond the walled confines of the home. A seamless extension of your indoor living space allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being outside without sacrificing the comforts and conveniences of cooking and entertaining indoors.

Luxurious California-style kitchens are essentially covered patios, fully open to the outdoors on one or more sides. California outdoor kitchens often draw inspiration from the natural landscapes that surround them, integrating such materials as natural stone, wood, and stainless steel to create a harmonious blend of sophistication and rustic charm. The goal is to make the kitchen an extension of the outdoors and create a captivating and inviting atmosphere that is both comfortable and practical.

The allure of California outdoor kitchens lies in the experience of al fresco dining. Whether it’s a casual family dinner or a vibrant gathering of friends, California-style outdoor kitchens provide the perfect setting for enjoying meals outside. California-style kitchens are not just places to cook, they are versatile entertainment spaces. Thanks to California’s mild climate, outdoor kitchens are a year-round luxury that is easily affordable. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in every season, whether it’s a summer barbecue, a cozy winter gathering around a fire pit, or a springtime brunch under blossoming trees.

Features of California-Style Outdoor Kitchens

California-style outdoor kitchens are typically equipped with state-of-the-art appliances that cater to the needs of passionate cooks and people who like to entertain. From high-performance grills and smokers to outdoor refrigerators and wine coolers, these outdoor kitchens are a culinary haven where you can unleash your gastronomic creativity without compromising on convenience.

California outdoor kitchens are not just places to cook; they are versatile entertainment spaces. Features such as comfortable seating areas, fire pits, and even outdoor theaters transform the backyard into a multifunctional space for relaxing and socializing. The outdoor kitchen not only extends the livable space of your home, it becomes a focal point for year-round enjoyment with friends and family.

In addition, many California-style outdoor kitchens incorporate innovative smart technologies to enhance the overall experience. Smart grills, lighting systems, and outdoor audio combine to form an immersive and user-friendly environment. You can control various aspects of your outdoor kitchen with the touch of a button, employing a seamless integration of technology to achieve the ultimate leisure experience.

Why Choose Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens?

There are a range of features to choose from to make your outdoor kitchen ideal for unwinding as well as entertaining. A Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen is a great choice to find the features you want that fit your style and your budget, so you can cook and entertain outdoors all year round.

Brown Jordan is dedicated to engineering outdoor cabinetry that reflects the beauty and function of your indoor kitchen cabinets. Outdoor kitchen cabinetry is available in a wide range of sizes and dozens of cabinetry styles (base, wall, grill, and more), easily configured to fit just about any layout. What makes Brown Jordan outdoor kitchens particularly attractive is their attention to detail. Every project is made to order, with features like self-close/soft-close drawers, crafted door styles, and a finished look on all sides, designed to accommodate any outdoor cooking appliance. Whatever you require— a grill, smoker, pizza oven, or burner—Brown Jordan has the appliance cabinets that perfectly fit. 

Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen stainless steel cabinetry is available in both 304 and 316 (marine) grades of stainless steel for exceptional durability outdoors. Over 50 powder coat finishes (the most in the industry!) provide not only a unique appearance, but easy maintenance—these powder coat finishes only require regular upkeep with mild soap and water to keep cabinets always looking new.

Brown Jordan outdoor kitchens are manufactured by Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens, the premier stainless steel cabinet manufacturer for over 20 years in the outdoor living space.

Manufactured in America (Connecticut, in fact), Brown Jordan outdoor kitchens combine quality, durability and engineering perfection with the color, style, and design you want.

Consult the Experts in Luxury Appliance Packages

California-style Brown Jordan outdoor kitchens represent the epitome of the state’s laid-back yet luxurious lifestyle. They capture the essence of outdoor living, offering a perfect blend of design, functionality, and sustainability. As more homeowners embrace the idea of creating outdoor sanctuaries, California continues to lead the way in redefining the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Your Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen isn’t just an added room, it’s an experience! 

BSC Culinary wants to help create the perfect California-style outdoor kitchen for you. We offer free consultations to get the design process started with your Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen.

In addition, we offer a full range of outdoor kitchen appliance packages from leading brands that not only enhance the visual appeal of your Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen, but also provide efficient and reliable performance.

Every outdoor kitchen we sell includes installation and delivery. A dedicated Enjoy Life Counselor ensures error-free delivery and installation. You can even track delivery on the day of the appointment. 

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