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The True Standard of Excellence

True started business in 1945 in St. Louis, Missouri as a commercial refrigeration specialist. Today, many major supermarket chains, such as Wegmans and Whole Foods, use True freezers. That same commercial quality is built into True’s residential refrigerators.

To answer whether True residential refrigerators are the new luxury standard, and whether True is right for your kitchen needs, let’s explore:

Who True Is

When you are investing in an appliance, particularly a luxury appliance, you want to be sure the manufacturer is an established business with a track record of innovation and success. True certainly qualifies.

True is a privately-owned American company that manufactures all its products in the St. Louis, Missouri area and sources 75% of its raw materials and components from American suppliers. If “Made in America” is an important buying consideration for you, True is a top choice.

Founded by Bob Trulaske (hence the company name of ”True”) right after World War II, their first refrigerators cooled beverages in a neighborhood St. Louis bar. Instead of relying on ice to provide cooling, which was then a common method, the True refrigerators used electricity. A 7-UP salesman who stopped in the bar for a drink one day noticedtook notice that the refrigerator didn’t require unwieldy and expensive blocks of ice. In 1948, the 7-UP company purchased its first order of True Roll- Top Bottle Coolers. 

The rest, as the saying goes, is history. True first began making residential refrigerators in 2008, building on its longstanding history in the commercial refrigeration industry to incorporate the best features in the home market.

Distinctive True Refrigerator Features

Commercial refrigerators are opened and closed constantly. True uses a forced air system to quickly even out the temperature despite the continual opening and closing of doors. The same technology is used in its residential products. Circulating air makes the temperature come down faster after exposure to warmer air, which keeps food fresher and reduces the possibility of spoilage. It also means when you put warm beverages in a True refrigerator, theytheir contents cool to a desired temperature more quickly than in other refrigerators.

A drawback of commercial refrigerators is that they are extremely loud. True residential refrigerators, byin contrast, are extremely quiet, employing noise-conscious engineering that balances commercial performance with residential environments. 

True refrigerators use matching and balancing oversized compressors, evaporators, and condenser coils, which results in shorter run times and lower energy consumption compared to competitor models., This also providesas well as the coldest holding temperatures.

In addition, True refrigerators utilize recycled and green materials, and eliminate as much as 99% of hazardous materials used in the electrical equipment, all without sacrificing quality or performance.

True Refrigeration Models

There are two types of True residential built-in luxury refrigerator models:

Side- by- Side

Side- by- side True refrigerators provide a high-end look with optimum storage work space that matches the look and functionalities of professional kitchens. The side- by- side models are available in either 42” or 48”’ widths, with either a solid door or a glass door on the fridge compartment. 

Inside drawers and glass shelves are highly durable and adjustable. In addition, refrigerator doors and wire baskets are soft- close, which is a nice luxury-type feature. 

The entire interior of the True refrigerator is made of stainless steel, including the control panel buttons. Most of the competition have plastic interiors. Besides looking good, an all-stainless steel interior helps keep contents coldold and helps maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerator. Stainless steel also doesn’t absorb odors, which eliminates the need for air filters you have to periodically replace. 

The exterior of side- by- side True refrigerators are also available in stainless steel; you also have the option to customize the refrigerator color and hardware. 

One distinguishing characteristic of True side- by- side refrigerators, which for many people is a deal-breaker, is the lack of an automatic ice maker or water dispenser. But tThe one thing that breaks most often in refrigerators is the automatic ice maker and water dispensers. True decided to opt for reliability over convenience. The upside is that the lack of an ice maker frees up space in the freezer for more storage. 

If you really want an ice maker, True does offer a residential verison of an ice machine capable of producing anand industry-leading 85 pounds of clear ice daily. The Energy Star certification of the ice machine ensures it uses less water and less energy than any other clear ice machine.

Additional features of side- by- side True refrigerators include dual compressors and evaporators, for optimal climate control, separating the refrigeration and freezer compartments. One benefit is drierdryer air in the freezer, which eliminates freezer burn. At the same time, you achieve a more humid environment in the refrigeration compartment, which keeps food fresher for longer periods.  


True’s built-in column refrigerators share the same features of the side- by- side models, including the ability to customize color and hardware, with the added benefit of design flexibility to combine units and fit into any desired kitchen space. Columns are arranged in just about any way to create a unique work area; in addition, you can easily combine a column with a built-in side- by- side refrigerator. A True accessory toe kick and grill facilitates the blending of two to three units together to provide a seamless and cohesive look. By the way, True also makes undercounter refrigeration products for further kitchen customization.   

Columns are available as a 30” or 36” refrigerator, both with either a solid or glass door. True is the only company that offers a glass door on a refrigerator column.

True also offers a 30” or 36” freezer column, a 30” beverage column, and a 30” dual- zone wine column.   

The beverage column features four shelves for storing bottles and cans, two pullout wine racks and a pullout basket. The wine column has a 150 bottle capacity.; Eeach zone is adjustable from 45 degrees to 65 degrees, allowing you to either store and age wines or chill them. It is one of the only wine storage units with soft closing, fully extendingextension shelves. Internal TrueLumina lighting offers 14 unique colors to showcase your wine collection. 

How True Compares to the Luxury Refrigerator Competition

True residential refrigerators are built and designed as a luxury appliance. Some people define luxury to include  a touch screen, wi-fi capability, and/or a camera; these options aren’t available on True refrigerators. (We’ve already mentioned the lack of an ice maker or water dispenser.) True defines luxury as design flexibility and customization in a high- functioning appliance with many commercial-grade features. That also lendsextends to a somewhat commercial look. 

True refrigerators aren’t going to blend into your kitchen with a custom panel to match your cabinetry. True doesn’t make panel-ready full-sized refrigerators and currently isn’t planning on offering that option. In addition, you can’t get a fully flush installation (meaning the front of the refrigerator is perfectly flush with surrounding cabinetry and doesn’t stick out). Consequently, many people feel the high-end commercial look of True refrigerators fits best with traditional and farmhouse designs, perhaps not so much with contemporary modern kitchens. However, there are numerous examples of True refrigerators in modern contemporary homes.

To be clear, True residential refrigerators are not inexpensive. No luxury refrigerator is. For people who want a professional-style kitchen, True is definitely worthy of consideration.

Consult the Refrigeration Experts 

BSC is your source to help you make the right decision about your refrigeration appliances, including True as well as other leading luxury brands..

Every True  refrigerator, as well as any appliance we sell, includes installation and delivery. A high-end benefit with your purchase is a dedicated Enjoy Life Counselor who ensures error-free delivery and installation. You can even track delivery on the day of the appointment. 

BSC technicians are qualified and insured. We install your luxury appliance according to all local codes and regulations, and we take the time to ensure your new True refrigerator provides premium performance to your complete satisfaction. Also, if you prefer, BSC can provide contactless delivery