Fisher and Paykel Induction Hybrid Ranges in luxury kitchen has gas and electric stove top and dual ovens in stainless steel

Discover the efficiency and versatility of Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid ranges, the all-in-one solution for ambitious home chefs. With cooktops that fuse induction’s energy-saving finesse and gas’s high-heat prowess, you’ll learn why this top-tier combination can fulfill your diverse cooking needs.

Key Takeaways

Unleashing the Power of Dual Fuel

Harnessing the benefits of dual fuel technology, Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid ranges present a unique fusion of power and precision. The hybrid ranges offer:

The gas side of the cooktop can generate up to 19,000 BTU, perfect for high-heat cooking techniques. On the other hand, the induction side can deliver up to 3700W of power, providing a more energy-efficient alternative for delicate cooking tasks. This perfect pairing of induction and gas cooktops offers the best of both worlds, providing the flexibility to adapt to any cooking situation.

Induction Cooking Zones

Fisher & Paykel’s ranges feature induction cooking zones that boast superior heat adjustability, becoming a favored cooking function for numerous users. Features such as PowerBoost provide rapid heat, while the GentleHeat setting offers the gentlest heat, perfect for delicate tasks. The finely tuned cooktop controls respond instantly to temperature changes, ensuring a perfectly cooked meal every time.

Induction technology offers several benefits, including:

These features enhance the versatility of your cooking experience, making it enjoyable by offering various cooking styles, including stir-fry. 

Gas Burners

Renowned in the culinary world, Fisher & Paykel’s gas burners deliver power and precision. The powerful Sealed Dual Flow Burners™ can reach up to 23,500 BTU for rapid boiling and also have precise simmer control down to 140°F. This wide range of heat control makes them ideal for a variety of cooking needs, from stir-frying to simmering delicate sauces.

The gas burners are designed with safety and flexibility in mind. Their sealed design prevents spillage from entering the burner, and they are compatible with both LPG and natural gas. The design of the cooktop grates facilitates easy movement of pots and pans, making your cooking experience effortless and enjoyable.

Design and Craftsmanship

Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid ranges exhibit exceptional design and craftsmanship. Features of these ranges include:

The attention to craftsmanship is evident in these features, showcasing the high quality of Fisher & Paykel’s ranges.

The halo-illuminated dials not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the ranges but also improve user experience by providing clear visual heat setting cues. Fisher & Paykel offers a choice of design styles, allowing you to choose a style that best suits your kitchen decor–from the clean, toned Contemporary style to the bold and distinctive Professional style with LED halo dials, to the heritage-infused Classic style.

High-Quality Materials

Exhibiting durability and aesthetic appeal, the stainless steel used in Fisher & Paykel’s Professional style ranges enhances their appeal. The stainless steel finish is engineered to withstand significant wear over many years of use, ensuring your range continues to look as good as new.

The solid construction of the ranges is evident in features like soft-close doors and durable cooktop grates, enhancing their longevity. The robust stainless steel and cast-iron grates of the gas range cooktops are designed with durability in mind, ensuring lasting performance. The turned stainless steel dials and clock buttons not only ensure durability but also contribute to the stylish and distinctive appearance of the induction hybrid range.

Illuminated Controls

A standout feature of Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid ranges is their halo-illuminated dials. These turned stainless steel dials with illuminated halos provide both aesthetic appeal and functional clarity, enhancing the overall user experience.

The illumination ensures optimal visibility, allowing settings to be easily read in any lighting condition in the kitchen. The dials transition from a white light when the function is selected but inactive, to orange when the heating elements are in use, providing clear and intuitive feedback for optimal cooking results.

Oven Features and Accessories

With a combined cavity capacity of 6.9 cubic feet, the oven on a Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid range accommodates a variety of dishes, including a 26-pound turkey. The electric oven offers a generous cooking space of 5.3 cubic feet and ensures even, electronically controlled heat for reliable cooking results.

The ranges come equipped with the following features:

Independent Cavities

Featuring two independently operating cavities, the dual fuel range caters to a range of meal sizes and complexities. The main cavity boasts a generous capacity of 4.8 cu. ft., while the secondary cavity provides a supplementary 2.1 cu. ft., each operating independently to cater to different cooking needs.

The two cavities, when combined, offer ample space to accommodate large meals. Whether you’re cooking a 26-pound turkey for Thanksgiving or preparing multiple dishes for a dinner party, these independent cavities offer the versatility and space you need.

Oven Functions

Integrated with AeroTech™ technology, the oven guarantees consistent heat distribution and cooking results on each shelf. To enhance usability, the oven features full-extension telescopic racks for easy access and incandescent lights for improved visibility.

A variety of dishes can be perfectly cooked using the broad range of oven functions, including the go-to cooking function. With 15 functions in the main cavity and 11 in the secondary, you have the flexibility to experiment with different cooking techniques. Additionally, the handy food probe helps in precise monitoring of the meat’s internal temperature during cooking, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time.

Optional Accessories

To boost your cooking experience, Fisher & Paykel provide a range of optional accessories. A Grill Rack accessory is available that can be placed inside the roasting dish for the oven, providing even airflow around the food.

The KIT BROIL SYSTEM offers a grill rack inside the grill pan to ensure even airflow around your food. To customize the appearance of your range, you can also choose from additional kick strips in various colors (black, red, white) and a Hob rear trim.

Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance

Fisher & Paykel’s self-cleaning function and easy-to-clean induction cooktop surface simplify cleaning and maintenance. The self-clean function transforms grease and food residue into light ash that is easily removable, making the cooktop self-clean-proof and simplifying the cleanup process. Additionally, the self cleaning gallery image on their website provides a visual demonstration of this feature in action.

The design of the induction cooktop surface facilitates quick wipe-downs after use. Without physical burners or grates, there are no crevices to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

Self-Cleaning Function

Utilizing high temperatures, the self-cleaning function in Fisher & Paykel dual fuel ranges transforms food residue into light ash. This innovative function simplifies the cleaning process as the ash is easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

Before using the self-cleaning feature, it’s recommended that you remove items from the oven, wipe excess debris, and turn on an exhaust fan for ventilation. The self-cleaning cycles can be adjusted to last from 1.5 to 3 hours, with some models offering up to 6 hours for heavily soiled ovens.

The ranges also include a spill containment feature which can hold up to 1/2 gallon, maintaining a neat cooking area and facilitating an easier clean-up process. 

Durable Induction Cooktop Surface

The Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid range features:

Since induction cooktops heat the cookware directly and not the surface itself, spills do not burn onto the cooktop, facilitating easier clean-up. The cooktop’s continuous, porcelain basepan ensures that spilled ingredients can be cleaned up easily, preserving the cooktop’s appearance with minimal effort.

Stainless Steel Finish

The Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid range’s stainless steel finish offers the following benefits:

Versatile Cooking Options

Customers laud Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid ranges for their remarkable control and adaptability in cooking. The induction range is particularly commended for its compatibility with cookware made of carbon steel and cast iron.

The gas burners complement the induction side by providing a high-heat option suitable for aluminum and stainless steel cookware. The combination of induction and gas burners satisfies customers with the ability to use a diverse set of cookware for different culinary techniques, making these ranges the dream appliance for any home cook.

Design and Performance

Owing to its impeccable design and performance, customers deem the Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid range as the centerpiece of their new kitchen. The range’s performance is described as impeccable during demanding cooking events, like Thanksgiving, earning it the status of a dream appliance.

Its design attributes include:

The premium quality and durability of the induction hybrid range are exemplified by its solid, perfectly balanced soft-close door.


In conclusion, Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid ranges offer an unparalleled cooking experience with their dual-fuel technology, high-quality design, and versatile cooking options. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or a home cook, these ranges are sure to meet your cooking needs, making every meal a culinary masterpiece.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fisher & Paykel a good brand?

Yes, Fisher & Paykel is a great brand known for its superior quality and stylishly integrated appliances.

What is the life expectancy of an induction stove?

Induction cooktops are generally designed to operate for 10,000 hours for consumer-grade and 30,000 hours for commercial-grade, which usually results in a longer life expectancy compared to other ranges.

What is the capacity of the Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid range’s oven?

The Fisher & Paykel induction hybrid range’s oven has a combined cavity capacity of 6.9 cubic feet, with 4.8 cu. ft. in the main cavity and 2.1 cu. ft. in the secondary cavity.